Releasing their first singles over the next months, Enright is the new kid on the block in the bass scene. Formed by two childhood friends and completed with the addition of visual artist Hototo, they are ready to pave new ways in the fast-changing landscape of electronic music.

Enright’s music is best described as the industrial sound of techno, combined with the syncopated rhythms of bass. Comparable artists are Burial, Moderat, Machinedrum and CW/A. Gyre is a desperate escape from a dystopian wonderland; a distorted techno-meets-juke anthem that skews around in all directions.


The Dutch act is ready to storm the clubs with a full audiovisual performance that incorporates cyberpunk themes like artificial intelligence and the relationship between man and machine.

The show narrates the story of reality as we know it succumbing to digital assimilation. The laws of nature get deconstructed as a new order is formed. Using symbolism and abstract geometry, the visuals provide a glimpse into the dark reality as Enright presents it. A screaming glitch coming deep from within the digital realm.


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